Frequently Asked Questions

PTPforall supports three worldwide platforms:
  1. Making money platform
     Paid to Promote (PTP) module
This module is designed by new methods, with a unique script, in order to allow anyone around the world to make money easily by their website or weblog traffic, and also by their social media pages. If you know about “social marketing”, for sure you could reach a large income.
Also, by upgrading your account to α-membership, increase your income till 3 times more than β-membership (standard account).
α-membership is FREE.
     Surfing module
As a member, you can earn money by surfing our advertisements easily.
     Affiliate program
Our PTP platform supports an especial “affiliate program”, in order to raise our users’ earnings. Our affiliate program allows our users begin receiving commissions (rewards) for referring clients (by inviting anyone to our PTP platform). Each user has a personal link by which they can invite anyone around the world. By getting each referral, you will earn 10% from what your referrals make by PROMOTING their PTP links, 10% from your referral SURFING, and 5% from your referrals DEPOSIT. These rewards are paid by PTPforAll from its own funds, the invited person does not lose anything.
  1. Advertising platform
PTPforAll is constantly being promoted on other websites, weblogs and also different social media. Due to our PTP platform, we guarantee that your advertisements get a lot of REAL visitors.
Without signing up or any registration process, you could post your advertisements automatically. We have tons of advertising tools with many options in order to bring you great satisfaction.
Also if you are online business owner, you could easily sign up on our PTP platform and promote your website worldwide by purchasing VISITs.
  1. Training platform
It is impossible to earn money on the Internet without being trained. Go to “Training” and easily find the title you are seeking for. After you gained enough information, start making money on the different websites mentioned. These training include all the information needed for making money on these websites, so that you require no further information.

Nowadays making money is getting easier every day, even you don’t need to leave the house for it. If you are a weblog or website owner, or simply have a popular (high-followed or subscribed) social media page, you could take advantage of the opportunity which is provided by our unique worldwide PTP platform in order to reach a large income. To do this, go to “Make Money”.
For each visit by anyone around the world, enjoy making money without any restriction. Also by inviting your friends, not only they will thank you for the great opportunity you told them about, but also you could increase your income.

   -Take advantage of our various advertising tools, according to your preference or needs.
   -Get many free options on your ads.
   -Raise quality of your ads.
   -Get “FREE” and “REAL” visits from all over the world.
   -Get clients, referrals or affiliates to any program.
“It is our priority to display your advertisements as soon as possible.”

   -Exchange your traffic websites into cash by promoting your PTP link.
   -Surf our advertisements.
   -Refer us to others by your referral links and many promotional materials.
   -No limits on earning amount or referrals.
   -The more active you are, the more you earn.
   -Get true statistics and numbers about you and your referrals activity (Detailed user activity tracking).
   -Fast payments
   -Fast & professional support team
“We just demand REAL members because we want great satisfaction for our advertisers.”

Without signing up or any registration process, you could use our different advertising tools.
  1. Purchase “Special Offer”
Go to “Special Offer” and after choosing the suitable category, enter the required information and request submit your advertisement. If you are not certain about the accuracy of what you are writing, do not fill that box. Unusual and useless information will be deleted by our monitoring panel.
  1. Purchase “Banners”
If the selected banner is available, simply click on it. After entering the required information on the purchasing page, submit your request.
  1. Purchase “Sponsor link”
In order to advertise your URL link, click on “Sponsor link order”. After entering the required information, submit your request.

   => After 12 hours at most, your advertisements will be shown (after being approved by our team).
   => All the three advertising tools follow a simple rule. The longer your advertisement “displaying time” is, the upper it will be shown.
   => Also, if you need to increase your website traffic and get more referrals or affiliates to any program, we could easily make it happen for you.

   -Porn or adult websites
   -Hate or violence
   -Selling or promoting illegal content
Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any advertisements if we think it’s not part of “Terms of Service”. Contact us if you are unsure about your website.

Here are couple of ways you could try.
  1. You could use the different kind of banners our website is offering.
  2. You could easily share your referral links on your social medias.
  3. Each member is provided with 3 links in order to build a massive downline fast.
  4. You could advertise your referral links on PTC (Paid to Click), PTP (Paid to Promote), Offerwall and any advertising websites.

We accept Perfect money automatically.
We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin manually.

You must have a correct format of payment address in each processor.
The minimum cash out for 1st time payout is $2. This amount will increase by $2 for each payout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use. The maximum cash out is a fixed amount $25 for β-members and $75 for α-members.

NO, your account is identified by your username or email. Therefore it cannot be changed.


You will be paid for your promoting after we assess the below mentioned items.
  1. At most three visits will be counted for each IP.
  2. IP(s) which hasn’t made the visit through Proxies/VPN will be counted.
  3. The screen resolution size must be at least 1024 x 600 pixels and the minimum browser frame size must be 700 x 320 pixels.
  4. Using any illegal means to promote your PTP link, including but not limited to: sending unsolicited e-mails, spamming, hacking or by defrauding other sites is not allowed.
  5. Traffic coming from any blacklisted websites will always be marked as invalid. including but not limited to:
    other PTP programs or Rotator websites.
    websites which hide or distort our iframe.
    websites which provide fake and unreal visits.

All the PTPforAll members must provide at least 200 visits in 21 days, otherwise their account will be deactivated.

Deactivate accounts are able to active their accounts in 40 consecutive days at most (by asking the support team), otherwise their accounts will be suspended.
All suspended accounts will have their earnings forfeited, referrals removed and balance rested to zero.

There could be several different reasons why your account is terminated.
  1. Any abuse such as: created multiple accounts, using hidden iframe and auto-surfs, hacking, cheating, spamming, steal, abusive referral earnings and sharing network environments (such as, but not limited to: schools, LAN houses, Cybercafes) will lead to account termination.
  2. Having a username that we deem to be inappropriate may lead to the termination of your account.
  3. members who had their account terminated due to “Terms of Service” violation are not allowed to register again. For security reasons we do not remove accounts. Please do not contact us requesting an account removal.


Beta (β)-member= After being successfully registered, β-membership will be activated for you.
Alpha (α)-member= After claiming your websites and other social media pages of yours, you could be upgraded to α-membership.
Alpha advantages:
1) Your maximum withdrawal increases to $75. (3 times more than β-membership)
2) Per each unique visit for your PTP link, you receive $0.00045. (+28.57% more than β-membership)
To remain alpha, you should be able to being at least 2000 visits in 21 days by the websites and other social media pages which you have claimed.